Here is a list of commonly asked questions we get from clients, this may answer a lot of your concerning questions around automatic gates. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to get in touch with our team and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.
Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland


Can existing manual gates be automated?

Generally they can be automated but there will be some exceptions.  Much will depend on the layout of the overall site and the state of repair of the existing gates, the gate posts, the gate hinges and the gate leaf alignment.

Automating gates is a highly skilled task and requires a range of skills that generally only gate automation professionals have.  Some of the critical tasks include the geometry of the automation, the wiring and programming of the control panel.  A number of other core skills will also be required for most projects including civil (eg groundworks), mechanical (eg welding) and electrical engineering skills.

Many people have bought DIY kits off the internet and have spent days trying to get it to work without success and not being able to get hold of the seller for advice or support.  Some have eventually got their project working only to experience accidents as the gates close on vehicles shortly after they thought everything was finally finished!  Invariably people who start a DIY automation project end up engaging a professional installer – DIY often proves to be false economy as so much can go wrong.

I have an inclined driveway – does this mean I cannot install an electric gate?

No. Obviously an inclined driveway can stop gates opening but sometimes there it is possible to install a swing gate that opens away from the property. However, it may be possible to install swing gates that open away from the property although you will need to ensure that the gates do not obstruct the public highway.

The solution that most people with inclined driveways adopt is to install a sliding gate; one that either slides to one side of the entrance or a bi-sliding gate where each gate leave slides to each side of the entrance. Much will depend on the space available at the side of the entrance.

What is the difference between a sliding gate and a cantilevered gate?

Sliding gates move along a track installed in the roadway supported by rollers. Cantilevered gates run free above the road surface, supported when both opened and closed by the structure housing the gate in its open position.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

All quality installations will provide home owners with manual release keys and instructions on how to release the automation system in the event of a power failure. Some electric gate systems also come with the option of a battery backup. However, all systems come with a manual release facility that can be used in the event of a power failure.

Do you service existing gates?

We provide full maintenance services for all our own automatic gate installations. Check out our Trilet Care Service here

Can I purchase and install a Gate Automation System myself?

You possibly can. However, installing an automatic gate system is not a suitable project for a Do-It-Yourself-er. Gate openers cannot be simply “plugged in”. They require detailed installation procedures, installation of secondary entrapment prevention devices, and installation of vehicular detection devices. Supplier warranties will be invalid if the product is not installed by a professional gate automation installation company.

How much will it cost me?

People think that the proper cost of a gates mainly depends upon the size, but that’s not true.
Costs for setting up a gate vary according to the different size, styles, adjustments, fixtures and the materials that are used during the project. But in order to assist you in making a pick, here is our pricing guide.

Please note: This is not an actual price but only for you to get an indication of what you can expect to invest based on the provided information – there are more factors that could impact on the cost of the project

Do I need to be home during the installation?

You don’t have to. For general maintenance or gate installation, we won’t need access into your house.

Do you service other suppliers’ gates and automation?

Yes, we do

What Are The Design Options Available For Gates?

We provide a wide range of designs and can custom make most options. You can find a selection of designs options here.

For further information contact our office on (09) 271 2493 or fill in the form here to arrange a design meeting.

My Handset / Remote Has Stopped Working, Why?

1. Check the motor is turned on and operating

2. Check the batteries in the remote and replace if needed

3. Check there is no rust, damage or grime on the chip board inside the handset

4. Check your operation/user’s manual and reprogram remote if needed

Still not working? Give us a call and we sure can help.

Can I program my remote?

You can program our Aprimatic remote – providing you have an external Aprimatic receiver (Not every installation comes with the receiver)

My Motor Won’t Turn On, Why?

1. Check if other handsets and the button on the motor will operate the motor

2. Check the power supply and check the motor is plugged into power

3. If plugged in; turn off motor for 30 seconds and turn back on

4. Check the motor is engaged into automatic mode

Still not working? Give us a call and we sure can help.

How Do I Keep My Gate Running Smoothly In Between Services?

Between services you can help keep your gate in good condition by:

  • Visually inspecting your door or gate monthly; looking for damage, fraying, rusting or bending
  • Keeping your door and door tracks clean and free of dust/grime
  • Keep your sliding gate tracks free of obstructions
  • Ensuring no unnecessary pressure is placed on your door or gate
  • Ensuring your door or gate is not closed whilst obstructions are in its path
  • Ensuring your door or gate is open and closed correctly and not left partially open
  • Operating your door or gate within the recommended guidelines
  • Contacting our technicians if your door or gate is not in working order or is damaged

How Often Should I Have My Door Or Automatic Gate Serviced?

Recommended maintenance to be performed on the operator and gate are as follows:

Operator performs over 150 cycles a day – each month

Operator performs between 100-150 cycles a day – every 2 month

Operator performs between 50-99 cycles a day – every 4 months

Operator performs between 20-49 cycles a day – every 6 months

Operator performs under 20 cycles a day – every 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland


Do walls and other obstructions limit the ranges specified for the wireless intercoms?

Yes. The ranges specified are for the most part clear line of site ranges. So if you are in a a place with no obstructions between wireless intercom units, you should easily get the range listed. However, when you have walls in the way, range will go down. Brick walls reduce range more than drywall does. Metal-framed walls reduce range more than wood-framed walls. A wall filled with electrical wires every foot or so will reduce range more than one with only one or two wires in it. There is no magic way to determine whether a wireless intercom will work in your application so you just need to try it and return it if it doesn’t.

I need an intercom in a commercial building. Should I go with wireless or wired?

A wired system would likely provide the most reliable service, but it depends on your building. In most cases a commercial wireless system will do fine. But the more concrete and electrical equipment you have, the higher the chance that the wireless system won’t work for you. If you can afford the expense of running the wiring, then you know the system will work.

An audio-only or video intercom – which one should I choose?

If you just needs to communicate between offices, make building-wide announcements, and unlock doors remotely, then an audio-only unit may suffice. This option may also work well in conjunction with an existing CCTV camera system.

But if you could benefit from the added security that comes with a close-up, unobstructed, facial view of visitors requesting access into a building or an indoor area, a video intercom is the way to go.

How come there is noise in the call?

There can be a variety of reasons for noise but main reasons are having AC power lines, radios, TV set, rotating motors such as fans or dimmer switches near units or wires.

Yes. We recommend regular maintenance for all intercom systems to guarantee their functionality and reliability.

We have a range of maintenance packages available for residential and commercial customers, whether you purchase your intercom from. If you are having sound quality issues, intermittent sound, noise interference, or any other problems with your intercom, our technicians are always ready to help.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland


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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland

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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland

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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland

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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland

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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland



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Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland
Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland
Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland
Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland
Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland
Frequently Asked Questions - Gate Auckland