Underfloor heating

The feeling of electric radiant warmth can be likened to the effect of sunshine radiating through the window onto the floor

With expertise in electric floor heating systems, Trilect can provide the most effective and efficient heating solution for your project.

Efficient Comfort: Underfloor Heating for Kiwi Homes

Underfloor heating is a highly popular heating system in New Zealand properties, particularly favoured for its efficiency and comfort.

This system involves the installation of electrical resistance cables or heating mats beneath the floor surface, typically beneath materials like tiles or laminate. When electricity is supplied to these elements, they generate heat, which is evenly distributed throughout the floor, creating a consistent and comfortable temperature in the room.

Notably, electric underfloor heating allows for precise zone control, enabling different areas or rooms to have thermostats for individualized heating settings. This feature optimizes energy usage and enhances comfort.

Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland

Enhanced Health & Comfort

Underfloor heating not only keeps you warm but also promotes better health. By ensuring your feet are comfortably warm, it enhances blood circulation and overall well-being, making your living space cozier and healthier.
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland

Even & Comfortable Heat Distribution

Underfloor heating offers even warmth, as heat rises from the floor, eliminating the common cold spots and drafts associated with traditional heating systems like radiators or forced-air systems.

Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland

Space-Saving & Aesthetic Appeal

Underfloor heating eliminates the need for radiators or visible heating equipment, freeing up wall space and allowing for more flexible interior design options. It maintains a clean and uncluttered look in your living spaces.
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland


Underfloor heating systems are energy-efficient, operating at lower temperatures to reduce energy consumption. Zoning capabilities further conserve energy and lower utility costs by heating only occupied areas.
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland

What can we help you with?

Trilect provides high-quality electric underfloor heating solutions for all floor types, supported by our skilled electrician team. We prioritize top-notch installations with superior components, relying on Livella products for excellence.

In-slab floor heating: These system cables are like hidden heaters under the floor that can make different parts of your home warm and comfy, even in unexpected places like showers and stairs.

On-slab floor heating: This system is a great option when you need to keep large areas warm for a long time without interruptions. It’s like having a dependable and efficient heating system for big spaces.

Deluxe Touchscreen: Livella’s touchscreen thermostat brings comfort to your fingertips. Its large, vibrant screen is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. You can even choose from three included faceplates, allowing you to select from a range of three elegant colors to suit your style.

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Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland

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Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland
Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland

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Underfloor Heating Auckland - Gate Auckland