One of the best options for improving the physical security of buildings and facilities is the use of turnstile to control employee and visitor access

A turnstile is a mechanical gate or barrier that allows only one person to pass through at a time, typically found in areas where access control is needed.
Moreover, it helps regulate the flow of people by requiring them to pass through a rotating or sliding mechanism, ensuring controlled entry and preventing unauthorised access.

Why is turnstile necessary?

The absence of this access control measure poses several challenges and potential hassles.

Without a turnstile in place, unauthorised individuals are more likely to gain entry into restricted areas, compromising the overall security and integrity of the premises.

Furthermore, the lack of a controlled access point also makes it difficult to effectively monitor and regulate the flow of people, which can cause overcrowding, confusion, and increase safety hazards within the supermarket environment.

Turnstile - Gate Auckland
Turnstile - Gate Auckland

Entrance Control

Facilities and venues commonly employ entrance turnstiles to regulate access by determining who can enter and when. Additionally, by incorporating access control systems with entrance turnstiles, businesses can achieve autonomous and efficient control over entry into their premises.

Turnstile - Gate Auckland

Attendance Counting

Amusement parks, sports venues, and corporations widely use turnstiles with counters to gather accurate occupancy data, track peak traffic, and ensure proper clearance of individuals. Consequently, this enables effective monitoring of visitor numbers, identification of peak periods, and verification of individuals remaining in the facilities.

Turnstile - Gate Auckland

Operational Flexibility

You can configure turnstiles to operate in either a single direction or bi-directionally, with independent passage modes for each direction. Also, these modes include options such as free pass, controlled passage, or locked down, offering flexibility in managing the flow of individuals through the turnstile system

Turnstile - Gate Auckland

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Trilect has actively assisted Auckland businesses with the installation of turnstiles, enhancing their access control and security measures.

Professional installation of turnstile systems for seamless integration.

Regular maintenance and repair services for optimal performance.

Enhancements and retrofitting to improve functionality and compatibility.

Seamless integration with ID card readers.

Tailored options for turnstile aesthetics, materials, and features.

Expert advice on selecting suitable turnstile solutions.

Training sessions and ongoing technical support for effective operation.

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Turnstile - Gate Auckland

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Turnstile - Gate Auckland
Turnstile - Gate Auckland
Turnstile - Gate Auckland
Turnstile - Gate Auckland
Turnstile - Gate Auckland

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Turnstile - Gate Auckland